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“Hendrick” Tejonihokarawa was one of the Mohawk leaders, or sachems, who traveled to Queen Anne’s court in the spring of 1710 to request British support in territorial battles against the French. He is often confused with sachem Hendrick Peters Theyanoguin (c. 1691–1755). Recent scholarship discusses these two powerful individuals’ joint efforts to negotiate a place for the Mohawk and the Iroquois Confederacy in the volatile North Atlantic world.

Tejonihokarawa’s visit to England was documented in multiple painted portraits that Queen Anne commissioned from John Verelst, among others, and disseminated widely in prints such as this mezzotint by John Simon. Tejonihokarawa is presented here as a diplomat and peacemaker, holding a wampum belt rather than a weapon.

“Hendrick” Tejonihokarawa fue uno de los ...

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