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Katsukawa Shuncho, Picnic Party at Hagidera, c. 1785/95, The Art Institute of Chicago

Curationist makes culture more collaborative by expanding access to art, artifacts, and objects online.

Our free website connects users to over 4.4 million digital artworks and cultural objects sourced from our partner museums, radically broadening the reach of these collections. All the images, text, and metadata on our site are verified to be open access or in the public domain. Everyone is free to curate, reimagine and connect to cultural heritage through our innovative tools.

Our work is guided by the principle that everyone should be able to access global cultural heritage, and we are members of the open GLAM and open knowledge movements.

Our nine founding museum partners include The Met, The Smithsonian, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Rijksmuseum, and this network is growing. The open access collections of these leading global institutions are collectively searchable for the first time with our technology. builds on this aggregate database of global art and artifacts to make new connections between and across cultures. We foreground the agency of marginalized communities while correcting historical misrepresentations and inequities. Our diverse team of digital archivists, editors, and writers share new research inspired by Curationist’s collected archives. Their insights add additional layers of information and context to the objects through dynamic editorial features, curated collections, and descriptions of the Works published on our platform.

Curationist is a platform for engagement, learning, and exchanging ideas. All visitors can create accounts and start to curate, save, and share their own collections, creating a rich visual ecosystem of open-source materials. Our grant-supported Fellows and Critics of Color programs provide direct support to librarians, historians, scholars, art writers, and critics to delve deeper into this vast repository, expand their research, and publish new work. We’re building tools that will support indigenous culture creators’ and stewards’ sovereignty over community knowledge, collectively creating a more just and accurate archive.

We seek partners to join us in this mission and support our work. Let’s make a more joyful, open world of arts and culture together. Reach out to connect with our development team to imagine what’s possible.

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Meet our community.

Meet our peers, partners, and allies.

Critics of Color

The residency pairs critics of color with curators and archivists to amplify diverse voices and perspectives in arts and culture.

Curationist Fellows

This program that builds a community of educators and knowledge seekers working together to learn from and expand open access content.

Museums and Archives

Curationist brings works and artifacts from the open access collections of nine world renowned museums together in one place.

Meet the team

We are a team of artists, educators, critics, archivists, and curious minds who help expand open knowledge about cultural heritage.

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