Curationist makes it easy to enjoy art and culture online.

Curationist is a free tool that makes millions of digital images of artworks and artifacts from around the world easy to access. We connect curious minds to the history, stories, and ideas these works inspire.

Princesses Gather at a Fountain, ca. 1770 Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Engaged curious minds

Supports new ideas

Connects art & culture communities

Highlights expansive worldviews


Open educational resources (OER)

Fellows program

Welcomes all types of learners

Educator created toolkits (coming soon)


Search open access art & objects

Curate your own collections

Share cultural narratives

Add metadata to works (Coming soon)

Our vision is to bring together arts and culture communities to find, share, and work together to reimagine cultural narratives. We’re doing this by building tools that allow you to:

Search 4.4 million images of works from the open access collections of museums and archives worldwide.

Browse curated collections created by the Curationist team and contributors.

Read editorial features written by by our content team, Critics of Color, fellows and other contributors.

Add additional layers of metadata to open access works. (Coming soon)

Millions of free digital images of artifacts

Benefits of open access

Cultural resources should not be controlled only by those who can afford access. At Curationist, we believe all digital reproductions of public domain cultural heritage should be open access. Learn more about our open access policy.

We’re members of the free knowledge movement. Open access policies and Creative Commons licenses makes this project possible. Our public domain artworks and artifacts are from the open access collections of nine museums and archives and are available to reuse without cost.

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We are champions of open access

Curationist is a nonprofit project of the MHz foundation.

MHz Foundation’s mission is to connect people with global cultural resources and perspectives through open knowledge. The foundation launched Curationist in 2019 to create a radically collaborative online platform to enrich and champion global content curation, so people can learn, share, and better understand our world.

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Curationist is a work in progress. We are currently in beta.

Transparency is important to us. Our roadmap gives our community and stakeholders visibility into what we’re currently working on, what we plan to do next, and how we’re doing as an open knowledge organization.

As a newly launched non-profit start-up, we share this information so our process is clear. If you have questions, feedback or want more information about our work, send us a message.

There are 10 areas of important needs we are adressing at the moment.


User Experience

User Interface

Curated Content

Educational Content

Community Building

Partnerships & Collaborations


Curation Tools



Database with 4.4 million records entrusted

Basic search

Basic collection making

User profiles

In Progress

Advanced search filters

Taxonomy alignment to wikidata

Drag and drop collection editing

User testing

Up Next

Metadata editing tools

Search relevancy improvements

Data normalization

Public user dashboards

Meet our community.

Meet our peers, partners, and allies.

Critics of Color

The residency pairs critics of color with curators and archivists to amplify diverse voices and perspectives in arts and culture.

Curationist Fellows

This program that builds a community of educators and knowledge seekers working together to learn from and expand open access content.

Museums and Archives

Curationist brings works and artifacts from the open access collections of nine world renowned museums together in one place.

Meet the team

We are a team of artists, educators, critics, archivists, and curious minds who help expand open knowledge about cultural heritage.

We're just getting started!

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Curationist connects people to cultural knowledge from all over the world.