Curationist Fellows Program

This program builds a community of educators and knowledge seekers working together to learn from and expand open access content.


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About the Curationist Fellows Program

The call for applications for the 2023 program have now closed.

Curationist invites graduate students, faculty, librarians, and community-based researchers to apply for the Curationist Fellows Program. The Fellows program offers a 6-month period to advance their existing community, scholarly, artistic, or educational projects within the Curationionist platform, with collaboration and support from our team.

Collaborative curation of open access cultural heritage content has great potential to advance and expand educational opportunities. How can the treasury of quality digital content, verified and cared for by galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, be freed by open access policies without reproducing cultural appropriation and erasures? Curationist Fellows will have the opportunity to consider this question and more, hear from guest speakers, and share and receive feedback on their research. Each fellow is expected to publish their research on our editorial platform, with support from Curationist’s editorial team.

The Curationist Fellows appointment is from March 2023 to August 2023. The program is remote. Fellows are expected to attend occasional seminars led by Curationist team members and peers, to publish their research on, and to present their research to colleagues. All seminars, presentations and meetings will take place online, via Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, etc.

Curationist Fellows will be compensated a total of $3,000 USD for their participation.


Drawing upon their original research, analysis, and design, Fellows work across and beyond academic disciplines to situate and connect open knowledge for public good. As public scholars, they hone and actualize the critical and creative work of collaborative curation. Fellows will be selected within four programmatic tracks:

  • Graduate Fellows apply their related research interests to our platform to gain experiential learning and professional skills, and to situate their own original research within a burgeoning international intellectual community.

  • Faculty Fellows are university educators seeking to use Curationist in their classrooms, coursework or curricular development. They strive to expand and deepen the lessons of Curationist content. Faculty Fellows will help craft the Open Educational Resources on to develop curricular tools for interactive, intercultural, open pedagogy in higher education. We strongly encourage non-tenure faculty, adjuncts, and faculty at community colleges and other educational institutions to apply.

  • Community Research Fellows will expand beyond academia to work with public scholars conducting arts and culture research with and for social movements, civil society organizations, or community knowledge centers. How can Curationist serve as a platform for community archiving, layered metadata, educational justice, antiracist open educational resources, and Indigenous Data Sovereignty?

  • Librarian Fellows will help expand the use of Curationist geared toward open access and open source academic publishing, licensing, circulation, searches, and procurement. Librarian Fellows will help Curationist serve as a platform for expansive, dialogic archiving; for distributing and ‘publishing’ quality research findings, interpretation, and analysis. Community-based librarians are strongly encouraged to apply.


The application period was from January 4th to February 1, and the Curationist Fellows Program will take place from March 2023 through August 2023. Applications are now closed.


The application requires a submission of the following materials :

  • CV or Resume
  • Project related links
  • One writing sample
  • A professional or community reference or one recommendation letter (optional)

Jurying Process

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of art writers, editors, and archivists on the Curationist team.


For questions regarding the residency, please contact community(at)mhzfoundation(dot)org

Curationist is an ecosystem for collecting and sharing cultural materials from the Creative Commons and public domain. We aim to build connections and deepen cultural awareness by collectively framing the world we share.

This residency is possible thanks to a grant awarded by Allied Media through their Critical Minded program in support of cultural critics of color in the United States.

Applications for The 2023 Curationist Fellows Program are now now closed.

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The residency pairs critics of color with curators and archivists to amplify diverse voices and perspectives in arts and culture.

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