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This funeral plaque is from the tomb of Shah Isma'il who founded and ruled the Safavid dynasty from 1501 to 1524. Notably, he promoted the worship of Shia Islam and produced poetry in Azerbaijani and Persian, furthering Shia beliefs.

This plaque was taken from his gravesite in Ardabil, Iran and is ornately carved with Qur'anic verses.

Walters Art Museum Object Description

The Qur'anic inscription carved in thuluth script is from "Surat al-dahr" (The time), 76:12-13: "And because they were patient, He will reward them with paradise and silken robes. Reclining on couches, they will see neither the heat of the sun nor the cold of the moon." This finely carved plaque is believed to be from the tomb of the Iranian ruler Shah Isma'il I (r. 1501-24). Shah Isma'il founded the Safavid dynasty in Iran in 1501 and is buried at Ardabil, in northwestern Iran.

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