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National Museum of African American History and Culture Object Description

Wooden box that held canned corned beef. The wooden box is nailed together on all sides and has a leather strap. On three of the four sides there are painted manufacture’s and inspection marks. One side of the box the inspection stamp in the upper right corner, in a lined box reads, [INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA / MINISTERIO DE AGRICULTURA / Y GANADERIA / ESTABLECIMIENTO ? 1A / INSPECCIONADO]. A blank rectangle with the text, [COOKED / C[half letter]ORNED BEEF] is over a solid triangle. Below the rectangle, text in the triangle reads, [PACKED FOR / L[half letter]ibby McNeill & Libby, U.S.A. / - PRODUCT OF ARGENTINA]. On the right is an additional manufacture’s mark of the same rectangle and triangle. Above ...

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