Lobby card for Harlem on the Prairie

National Museum of African American History and Culture

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Lobby card for Harlem on the Prairie.

The card features three black and white images from the film. At the top left is [TODDY PICTURES CO. / Presents / HARLEM ON THE PRAIRIE]. Beneath this are two images side by side. On the left, a man (Herbert Jeffries) in a checked shirt and cowboy hat looks at a wanted poster. On the right side, a man (Flournoy Miller) in a cowboy hat stands with a woman (Connie Harris), also in a cowboy hat. The man holds a pistol pointed up in his proper right hand while the woman grasps his wrist. Beneath this image the third, depicting two men (Manton Moreland and Miller) in cowboy hats, seated next to each other. To the left of this image is [HERBERT JEFFRIES / F.E. MILLER / MANTON MORELAND / CONNIE HARRIS / PRODUCED BY JED BUELL / DIRECTED BY SAM NEWFIELD / Distributed Nationally by TODDY PICTURES CO.].

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