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About the work

curationist logoCurationist Object Description
This quality brush set made of jade in the Qianlong Period features a poem that illustrates the contentment one gains while observing nature. The emperor in the Qianlong Period promoted the arts and participated in the scholarly pursuit of poetry. He also valued an appreciation of nature. The imagery of the flora and fauna found on the set directly correlates to the imagery used in Chinese brush painting. This type of brush painting primarily focused on portraying natural scenes in addition to calligraphic characters.

Brooklyn Museum Object Description

Cylindrical brush pot, containing two brushes, a ruyi scepter and a roller. A Greenish-White and Russet Jade Brush pot (Christies Title) 8/08 A Small Greenish-White Jade Hard stone Inlaid Ruyi Sceptre (Christies Title) 8/08 A Metal Mounted Hard stone and Jade Roller.(Christies Title) 8/08 A Pair of White and Green Jade Brushes. (Christies Title) 8/08 Accession card: The pot is of white jade, semi-translucent, polished, with a slightly greenish tinge and patches of brown. It is carved on the outside with a rock and wave design, also containing a bat, a crane, a peach, and pine trees, the later pierced a jour. On one side is a poem incised in the surface, the characters of which are gilded. It reads ...

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