Krishna Ferrying Radha Across the Yamuna River

  • Year: 1800s
  • Location: Kalighat, Calcutta, India

..Images are taken from popular dramas where Krishna, lover of the cowgirls (gopis), disguises himself as a boatman to ferry a demure Radha, his favorite gopi. It depicts devotion and the intensity of separated lovers. One of these paintings includes an unfinished image of a woman while the other includes an image of another woman, dressed in white with shorn hair, possibly a widow. In one image Krishna is portrayed as sporting a mustache and in both he has a Prince Albert hairstyle.





Krishna Ferrying Radha Across the Yamuna River is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication .

Gift of William E. Ward in memory of his wife, Evelyn Svec Ward | Source: Cleveland Museum of Art

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