Workplace with a view

  • Creator: Markus Steiger. Swiss
  • Year: 1938-40/2019
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland

This artist’s GIF, entitled “Workplace with a view”, is comprised of archival black and white photographs found by the artist on Europeana, a platform that provides access to the collections of  thousands of European archives, libraries and museums

The static image depicts a security guard at the Ericsson factory, located outside of Stockholm. The factory, built between 1938-40 and designed by Ture Wennerholm and located outside of Stockholm, is considered a prime example of Swedish functionalism–an architectural principle that buildings should be designed solely for their function that grew to prominence in the mid-1930s– and the principles of Taylorism, a factory management system developed in the late 19th century to increase efficiency by breaking down production into specialized repetitive tasks. The building’s design was meant to optimize workflows of raw materials, finished products and employees.

In the reflection of the window of the guard’s booth, we see people, vehicles, and animals quickly passing by, as though on an assembly line. Some of them—the elephant, the big wheel vintage bicycle, the sedan chair, and a boat—are obviously anachronistic, leaving the viewer wondering whether these things are passing in front of the booth, or in the guard’s imagination.

Workplace with a view is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International .

Arkitektur- och designcentrum / Europeana | Source: GIF IT UP

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