The Ultimate Social Distancing Dress

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  • Location: Low Countries

Dress (Mantua) with Train

‘Grande Parure’ wedding dress of silk embroidered with floral motif in multicolored silk, consisting of a body with ‘tail’, skirt and a train.

Worn over a very wide crinoline, ‘panier à coudes’. Skirt consists of eight lanes and has an inward hem of 1.5 cm, which is fastened with large and small basting stitches. Linen inner body and a linen ribbon at the waist for closure around the waist. Sleeves lined with linen. The rib side of the body is cut and not finished. In the center back of the neck an elongated insert of rips silk. The ‘tail’ body is made up of two long straight strips, which hang from the shoulders forward to the waist and from the back to the ‘tail’. On the back they are joined together by a seam mid back and fitted by two flat pleats on either side of the seam. From the French Regency (Régence) period.

Source: Rijksmuseum

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