The Earth’s Hum

  • Creator: B K
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Castlemaine

Dangerous Modern Art! Beware!

Some people say they can hear The Earth’s Hum all the time*. This piece is for those who can’t, or for those who do, but would prefer to hear something else for a change.

There is an energy coming from the Earth that I feel pulse through my bones. I feel this pulse when I take the time to stop, slow down, and pay attention. Or not. Sometimes paying attention to the pulse renders it imperceptible, sometimes you just have to let it come to you. Either way, when I am blessed with the sound of the Earth, it comforts me and reminds me I am still here.

A great Sufi musician/philosopher put it much better:

‘The earth has various aspects of beauty as well as of variety in its sound. Its pitch is on the surface, its form is crescent-like, and its color is yellow. The sound of the earth is dim and dull, and produces a thrill, activity and movement in the body. All instruments of wire and gut, as well as the instruments of percussion – such as the drum, cymbals, etc. – represent the sound of earth.’
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

This video is an excerpt from ’26 Suicides’.

26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative new media art work.

**26 Suicides was initially designed to use surround sound and multi channel video to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience. 26 Suicides is currently being remixed as a virtual reality art experience.**

It is the personal and intimate testimony of my synesthetic life. The 26 Suicides installation uses 10 audio (surround) sound channels and 8 video channels to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience. The videos here on Vimeo are excerpts. They are single channel video with stereo audio, offering a taste of the installation.

Watch them if you are not afraid of dangerous modern art.

The compression on Vimeo has squished most of the goodness out of this work, if you are interested, ask me about getting the high-res version.

See more here:

Sound and visuals by BK.
All rights reserved, all rights waived.

Tools used: Cinema 4d, X-Particles, After Effects, Digital Performer


The Earth’s Hum is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic .

Source: Vimeo

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