Soyez reconnaissant pour vos maitres [Be thankful for your masters]

  • Creator: Chris Timmons. American
  • Year: [ca. 1870–1900]/2019
  • Location: United States

This artist’s GIF was created from a 19th-century American trade card. Trade cards advertised businesses or services, typically with an image on one side and business information on the other. With the advent of chromolithography, attractive and colorful designs spawned a passion for collecting trade cards, which became a popular hobby in America in the late 19th century.

The card that serves as the main source image is, a happy boy is dancing. The text below the image says, “Soyez reconnaissant pour vos maitres,” which translates to “Be thankful for your [school]masters”. The artist has manipulated the image so that the happy boy now dances under colored disco lights. The torn notebook under his feet and the poster on the wall that says “Vacances” [English:”Vacation”] suggests the boy might be celebrating the end of school.

Soyez reconnaissant pour vos maitres [Be thankful for your masters] is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International .

Boston Public Library / Digital Public Library of America | Source: GIF IT UP

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