Shinobugaoka no tsuki-Gyokuensai Stampă Luna la Shinobugaoka-Gyokuensai

  • Creator: Yoshitoshi Tsukioka. Japanese. 1839-1892
  • Year: 1889
  • Location: Tokyo

Gyokuensai, a young samurai, goes to Shinobugaoka to admire the blossoming cherries, whose flowers are called yozakura, as Yoshiwara prostitutes were also known – “cherry blossoms at night”. He is represented avoiding a blade of wind that shakes the petals and makes the women’s kimono fly on the stem of a cherry, with a fabric wavy in several colors and with printed sea whistles, which seem to fly with the petals of the flowers. . The bottom corner is high, behind which is a picnic box. The samurai is wearing a black lacquered kimono. The atmosphere of the image harkens to the Genroku period (1688-1704) in Edo, known for the economic development of cities and the rise of urban culture.

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