MICHELANGELO (Reel 2 of 3)

  • Creator: PublicResourceOrg
  • Year: 2011

MICHELANGELO (Reel 2 of 3) – National Archives and Records Administration – ARC 43672, LI 242-MID-2074 – DVD Copied by Nick Stoller. Series: Motion Picture Films From G-2 Army Military Intelligence Division, compiled 1918 – ca. 1947. 1936? Reel 1, quarry workers near Carrara, Italy, cut marble blocks and roll them down a hill. Sleds and oxen-drawn wagons transport marble. Shows Michelangelo’s work: a bas-relief sculpture of many figures, statues of a mother and child, a pieta, and David at Florence. Reel 2, shows a ship with furled sails at a wharf, unfinished sculptured figures, the Medici Tomb at San Lorenzo, Florence, drawings of early Florence, portraits of the Medici family, and buildings in Florence. Reel 3, scenes of Florence, the ruins of the Roman Forum and Coliseum, buildings in Rome and Vatican City, the dome and interior of St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Michelangelo murals in the Sistine Chapel.

MICHELANGELO (Reel 2 of 3) is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported .

Source: YouTube

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