Inside Iran

  • Creator: L S T C N V R S T N
  • Location: Berlin, Germany

… I joy in living private life with Iranians and see how they enjoy it!
Evenings with persian traditional music played live at home, far from unwanted eyes where finally the veils fall down and we all sing and joke in happiness. We talk about poetry and freedom, dreams and life, God and revolution. Green is the colour of the revolution and green I see the future, green is in the heart of the people. Green. Green. Green. Green. Green.

The warmness, hospitality and friendship of eveybody is overwhelming, I’m invited for hundreds of teas and relaxed pic-nics. Amazing Iran.
These are Iranians by default standards, and foreigners deserve deluxe treat: everybody wants to make it clear that Iranians are not the evil depicted by medias, and I’m treated just like a son and I really feel at home.

Hitchhiking, I easily move around the counrty, always submerged by edible stuff, and I finally reach Persepolis, the capital of ancient Persia that stole the heart of Alexander the Great who in turn stole everything else. Good or bad that was the point where Greek and Persian culture merged in a unique style, influencing culture and architecture of orient and occident.
It’s amazing to be inside the history, sweating out of stones.

Music: Ochre
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Inside Iran is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic .

Source: Vimeo

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