Horoscope diagram from BL Royal 12 B VI, f. 1

  • Creator: William Parron
  • Location: England, S. E (London)

Miniature of the horoscope diagram for the day in which the world was created, including a world map within an astrological chart and personifications of winds, surrounded by 12 triangles with symbolic scenes representing aspects of life associated with the twelve astrological houses.
The world map is a loose copy of the world map printed by Francesco Rosselli in Florence in 1492-3, which was copied from Henricus Martellus map (Additional 15760 f. 69). Image taken from f. 1 of Liber de Optimo fato Henrici Eboraci ducis et optimorum ipsius parentum. Written in Latin.

Horoscope diagram from BL Royal 12 B VI, f. 1 is available in the public domain via Creative Commons .

Source: Europeana Collections

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