Ghost of Salvador Dali in Barcelona

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Salvador Dali is known for the striking and bizarre images surreal. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence and admiration for art renaissance. He was also a skilled cartoonist. In 1924 a yet unknown Salvador Dalí illustrated a book for the first time. Domestically, Dalí’s relationship with his father was close to rupture. Salvador Dalí i Cusí was opposed to the romance of the young artist with Gala, and condemned their links with Surrealist artists considering them, as much of the public opinion elements aimed to degeneration moral.

The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation is currently responsible for the management of his legacy. Ideas policies of Salvador Dalí played a very important role in his artistic beginnings. A main feature of Dali’s work is the detail in the detail of its forms, which can be seen as symbolic. These are shown in an unconscious way the reality of the artist, always showing opposites that complement each other, this was called paranoiac critical method.

The technique used by Dalí for the preparation of his sculptures was the wax a modeling wax miniature, which was sent to smelters for making a multiple Original. The reason for this is that Salvador Dalí was not properly sculptor, nor did a sculpture workshop. The stages of this process can be seen in Memory of Dreams. Salvador Dalí, 1904-1984, published by the Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Community.

Surrealism was followed with interest by the Spanish intellectuals of the 30s There was the precedent of Ramon Gomez de la Serna, who used some formulas linkable to Surrealism, as the outcry. Surrealism was initially a fundamentally literary movement, and even a little later would produce great results in the visual arts. It arises a fundamental concept, the operator based on a sort of magical dictation, from the unconscious, through which arose poems, essays, etc., and was later picked up by painters and sculptors.

As the legends etiologic, ghosts are believed linked to a place, but sometimes people who “have led” him, often against their will are associated. States that have sometimes been seen and recorded transferring solid walls, and some may move or carry objects of slight weight, but always for a short time.

Scholars say the phenomenon ghosts of living people (there are also bi, doppelganger, fetch…) and also document the appearance of ghosts of animals (eg the black dog, the dip, the pesanta or cadejo, etc.), ships, trains, planes, houses and ghost towns and even phantom objects such as tsukumogami Japanese or domestic umbrellas ( karakasa ) and flashlights ( chōchinobake ).

On the other hand, human body parts missing, amputated or severed can be perceived by the brain as member ghost; it may be that this form of perception could spread to more elaborate form memories of people, so that the ghosts would be generated by the unconscious brain. For the spiritualist, a ghost could also be a spirit trapped in our world through invocations, sorcery or promises (souls).

In the West the belief in ghosts was fading from the irrational belief in them from the Middle Ages to the skepticism of the Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, when Father Feijoo, stuffed into a relentless struggle against superstition, went on to say that “there There is no ghost or spectrum that disappears under the spell of a good bar. ” In the same century, Dr. Samuel Johnson concluded that the ghost of Cock Lane in London was a hoax.

Living statue referred to male and female models, by clothing, makeup build the illusion and the motionless behavior, cultivate and maintain, they were mannequins or sculptures. This creates so-called “tableaux vivants”.

Living statue belonging to the performing arts and be the pantomime assign. They are committed to street parties, opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, advertising and marketing campaigns. Also in the theater, this art is often used, such as Marcel Marceau Mimodrama Don Juan. The effect of the living statue or living statues is highly dependent on the skill or the biophysical skills of performers. The living statues have a classic hidden cameras filming the reactions of passers, surprised by the animation of what they took for a single statue.

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