Frida Kahlo

  • Year: November 13, 1931
  • Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York

Portrait of artist Frida Kahlo extracted from a press image of muralist Diego Rivera with Anson Conger Goodyear, President of the Museum of Modern Art.

The original caption makes fleeting reference to Kahlo as the wife of Rivera, who is described as the “outstanding leader of the recent ‘Mexican Renaissance'”. The photograph was take upon the couple’s arrival in New York on November 13th. 1931, as Rivera was set to begin work on a series of large murals for the exhibition of his work to be held at the Museum of Modern Art the following month.

In extracting her from the original image, Kahlo is drawn forward from the background of the composition, her gaze leveled to meet the viewer’s.

Frida Kahlo is available in the public domain via Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication .

Photo: Bettmann [Archive] | Source: Wikimedia Commons/Getty Images

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