Catalogue of casts taken by Clark Mills, Esq., of the heads of sixty-four Indian prisoners of various western tribes, and held at Fort Marion, Saint Augustine, Fla., in charge of Capt. R. H. Pratt, U. S. A

  • Creator: Richard Henry Pratt 1840-1924, Spencer Fullerton Baird
  • Year: 1878

This catalogue, printed in Proceedings of the United States National Museum (1878)was provided by Richard Henry Pratt, then a captain in the United States Army, at the request of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Professor Spencer Fullerton Baird.

Pratt’s practice of Americanization of Native Americans by cultural assimilation, which he effected both at Fort Marion and Carlisle, was later regarded by some as a form of cultural genocide. He believed that to claim their rightful place as American citizens, Native Americans needed to renounce their tribal way of life, convert to Christianity, abandon their reservations, and seek education and employment among the “best classes” of Americans. In his writings he described his belief that the government must “kill the Indian…to save the man”

Smithsonian Institution / Wikipedia

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