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What is MHz Curationist?

Framing the world we share.

MHz Curationist is an ecosystem for collecting and sharing cultural materials from the Creative Commons and public domain. We aim to build connections and deepen cultural awareness by collectively framing the world we share.

Curationist a space for finding and collecting significant cultural and historical resources that are not limited by copyright. We are people-driven, not algorithm or profit-driven. We strive for inclusion, integrated value creation and innovation as an unfixed and intersectional hub of many cultures: a collaborative global community of dynamic individuals sharing their knowledges and voices. We aspire to communicate liberated cultural narratives that enhance curiosity, intercultural exchange, and critical thinking by prioritizing collaboration and directing attention to the source.

We hope you find what you were looking for, and also discover something unexpected and exciting while you are here.

Curationist is a not-for-profit project of the  MHz Foundation, a 501c3.

What is Creative Commons?

Copyright law typically grants exclusive rights to creators of original works. In the US, this protection is granted automatically unless stated otherwise, prohibiting the copying of the work without the rights holder’s written permission.

Creative Commons was created as an alternative copyright for people who have created works that they want to be openly available and shareable. A Creative Commons license specifies how someone can share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format), adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) and how to attribute the creator. Creative Commons helps ensure you’re not infringing on copyrights.

What is public domain?

Public domain is all the creative works to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply either because those rights expired, were forfeited, expressly waived, or were created before copyright existed.

What Is OER?

We at MHz Curationist are delighted to be joining the burgeoning world of Open Educational Resources (OER). Through its novel construction and Creative Commons (CC) open licensing terms, our V2 web platform will serve as a novel, interactive, and trustworthy Open Access space that provides a myriad of tools and opportunities to engage with arts and culture through co-creative authorship. For cultural educators, we aspire to provide a wide range of creative and dialogic open educational resources and practices that strive to expand expertise, diversify perspectives, counter colonialist cataloging, and support indigenous data sovereignty.

In the meantime, we are engaged in conversations with cultural educators globally on how best to enrich our open education design and content. This entails how to align with and contribute to open/free knowledge movements grounded in antiracism and anticolonialism. Last Fall, we presented preliminary ideas at international conferences, namely, the CC Virtual Global Summit, the Museum Computer Network Conference, the Open Education Conference, the Open Education Global Conference, and at our 2020 MCN Ignite Talk: “Future Wisdom Via Metadata?”

Moving into Spring 2021, we continue to present and hone our OER plans at the National Arts Education Association meeting and at our 2021 Virtual Mozilla Festival session: “OER OpenGLAM Ontologies: Metadata for Educational Justice.” Of the many OpenGLAM CC OER possibilities we are pursuing at Curationist, we are focusing particularly on the vast pedagogical potential of student-crowd sourced OpenGLAM metadata micro-contributions. From translations and alt-text to folksonomy tagging and Traditional Knowledge Notices, we are building a creative, intercultural OER platform that opens up a dynamic and collaborative metadata meeting of the minds.

We believe that everyone deserves to see themselves reflected on the internet, and hope you might join us, alongside the Open Access movers and shakers, as we stand on the shoulders of many and pave the way to a more open future online.

Who We Are.

As we grow a community that is pluralistic in thought and practice, we are building a team of contributors that combine a diverse array of experiences and cultures. We aim to empower a global set of editors and users to become involved in the content curation, bring in perspectives from around the world, and encourage openness and debate along the way.

Want to help us curate content from the Creative Commons and public domain? Send us a quick pitch and tell us about yourself.

Content Curation Director

Virginia Poundstone

Advising Editor

Shana Lutker

Global Editor-at-Large

Mayur Tekchandaney

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Join the Curationist Fellows Program We seek emerging scholars, graduate students, community-based researchers, faculty, and librarians to join our community.

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Who is MHz Foundation?

MHz Foundation’s Mission is to bring global culture and perspective to U.S. markets via digital programming.

Since 2014, MHz Foundation has been committed to bringing global content and perspective to North American audiences; first, through public broadcasting, and now through a curated online experience with MHz Curationist, launching in early 2019​. MHz Curationist allows MHz Foundation to expand its reach beyond the Metro DC area and provide a powerful tool for users interested in exploring curated arts, culture and educational content from around the world.

MHz Foundation is a Virginia based 501(c)(3) corporation.

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